A fun way  to advertise and promote your business in the local community! 

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$39 every month

Our graphics artist : will create a banner ad (330x55) representing your brand and offer. Add 1 x $40 to your order.

This technology, known as Player’s Edge™ Lottery Picks,  was developed for Ad Persistence and generates numbers not by random, but by a scientific predictive AI/ML methodology developed by Predictive Chaos. The Player's Edge Lottery Picks™ does not conduct gambling of any kind and its service does not include procurement of any Lottery tickets. Its technology is used to promote these lottery systems by encouraging more lottery players to take part in the excitement of the lottery with the greatest possible opportunity to win!
Your Banner Advertisement on a Community Network of Websites:
  • The Player’s Edge Lottery Picks™ app is provided to website owners for free; a fun way to build their website traffic and to support local merchants.
  • ​A new set of suggested lotto numbers appear for each visitor for both the Mega Millions and Powerball lotteries.
  • ​​​Your banner advertisement will be promoted on the participating Player’s Edge™ Lottery Picks network. 
  • ​Ads are in rotation with other merchants.
  • ​Offer a coupon or special offer to entice new customers and build new business. 
  •  $40 per month is all that you will pay!

A new set of suggested lottery numbers for both Mega Millions and Powerball appear for each visitor.

A low-cost way to build your business. 

"Website owners are using Player’s Edge™ as an icebreaker or a great way to direct new and former clients to their site. Merchants benefit as they will also promote the availability of local coupons and special offers". 

John Giaimo, Publisher, Realty Times News


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